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Selling a property can be a stressful and time consuming process.

With our London Property Selling Guide our aim is to remove the pain from the process for you. We aim to achieve a speedy and stress free sale and help you with useful tips and advice at all stages of the process. We have been selling properties in central London from our office an office on Sloane Street since the mid nineteenth century, although the process has changed over time, the unrivalled local knowledge and expertise has been a constant.

When to sell you home?

The areas in which we operate in prime central London:

Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia, Kensington and Mayfair have a diverse make up of buyers. Whilst Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Mayfair are made up of mainly international buyers; Kensington and Chelsea still has a good amount of UK based buyers. This has an effect on when you should place your property in the market.

Traditionally late January, springtime and early autumn have been the most popular times to bring property to the market; these times followed school holidays. However, other than Kensington and Chelsea, in the main buyers can arrive in London at anytime of year, so the best time to market is much more varied now; for instance in Knightsbridge a great deal of purchasers arrive from the Middle East in early summer and generally stay throughout, returning at the beginning of autumn. It is therefore best to check with one of our property experts at Marler & Marler and find out the timing that will suit your property best.

Property appraisal

The most crucial aspect when marketing your home is pricing; too high and it will languish long in the market.

At Marler & Marler our central London property experts pride themselves on their local knowledge. We will visit your home at a time convenient to you and provide a well balanced argument to back up a suggested guide price; this will be based on recent comparable evidence of transactions local to your home, properties both we have sold and those of our competitors. We have access to The Land Registry and LonRes, both of which provide details of all recent transactions in your area.


When we receive signed instructions we will make the required arrangements for you.

We will arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to be produced, this is a legal requirement for anyone selling or renting a property in theUK. We will also arrange for the property to be photographed and a floor plan to be drawn. This is also the time at which you should advise your solicitor of your plans to sell so that they can prepare the sales contract. If you do not have a solicitor then we are very happy to help in providing you with options of well established lawyers who operate in your area.

Marketing your property

At the time of instruction we can discuss your individual desires for your property's marketing.

If you would like a full blown campaign or a more quiet approach then we can tailor a method to suit you. We are able to market your property via various online and off line marketing methods, a bespoke brochure will be commissioned and this can be downloaded as a pdf from our website and hard copies circulated to all potential buyers and buying agents. We advertise on the leading property portals: Rightmove and OnTheMarket, as well as being advertised on our own website and in local, national and international print media.

We will always keep you informed during the sales process of where potential purchasers are coming from and how best to target.


A member of staff from Marler & Marler will always attend a viewing and it is usually best if property owners keep a low profile during viewings, it enables a buyer to feel more at ease.

First impressions of your property are very important, therefore de cluttering as much as your can, tiding away children's toys, cleaning windows and carpets will all help create that lasting impression. If you have any outside space then making sure the lawn is cut or the patio/terrace is clear of leaves and some carefully arranged plants and outdoor furniture all help to enhance a property's appeal.

If you feel that some refurbishment might be beneficial then we are very happy to advise on how far one should go.

Feedback and offers

We aim to give our clients feedback after each viewing wherever possible.

We do aim to provide a weekly report to each client - not just feedback on viewings but also fluctuations in the local market and how they might affect your property. When we receive an offer we will provide a verbal confirmation in the first instance and then follow up with written confirmation. We aim to give as much detail as possible when submitting offers: a buyer's financial position, timeframes and if you have multiple interest, how best to proceed. The best buyer is not always the one offering the highest figure and our experience can help to advise you on this.