Right To Rent Guide 2016

From 1st February 2016 all landlords of private rented accommodation in England are required to carry out Right to Rent checks for new tenancy agreements. It is the responsibility of the landlord to determine whether occupiers aged 18 or over, using the property as their only or main home, have the right to live in the UK legally.

In order to comply with the new legislation you or your agent will need to check identity documentation of the tenant in the presence of the holder, make copies of the documents and retain these with a record of the date that the check was conducted, keeping them on file for at least twelve months after the original tenancy ends.

If a tenant’s permission to stay in the UK is time limited, such as a forthcoming expiry of their visa, you will need to carry out a follow up check before the expiry of their right to remain in the UK or twelve months after the last check, whichever is later. If the check shows that the person’s visa is no longer in date, you must make a report to the Home Office

If you are found to be letting to a tenant who does not have the right to be in the UK and you are unable to show that you have made Right to Rent checks, you may be liable to a civil penalty of up to £3000 per illegal occupier. For further information click here

For queries about the scheme call the Home office landlord’s helpline on 03000699799