....as you well know, I am grateful for the attention you and your team give to my property ....shown in my loyalty to you.

Thank you as always!


Congratulations are in order for the marvellous job you did turning around this flat before I moved in - "bravo and bravo again"


Charles, it has been a pleasure working with you on this transaction and thank you for all your help and support in achieving this. We will certainly bear you in mind as opportunities arise.


Mathilda has been very quick to respond and follow up my request with great passion. I needed a flat in London and was frustratingly searching for the past month to no avail. She enthusiastically sent me a vividly detailed video of a flat that was freshly introduced to the market that fitted my every need, as I was not due in London till the week after for a real viewing, I risked to lose the flat to another offer if I waited. Her video was perfect and done with care, as if I was in the flat with her, which led us to make an offer ahead of everyone, and I got the flat I wanted.


Helen was very professional to explain and fast to handle and the whole process afterwards. In central London market where the good places fly off very quickly, a real estate agent that really cares and delivers fast is crucially needed to find the home you need without compromise.


We are very pleased with the service that Helen, Jacqui, Susan and the team have given us again this year. We are so glad the great working relationship we have with Marler and Marler continues to flourish over the decades!

D.M.& N.M.

Thank you very very much Helen and thank you again for all your help during the process - it was a very pleasant experience dealing with you and the team throughout.

We are looking forward to moving in.


It is truly wonderful to experience such fast and complete responses to emails. Over the last few years, I have had to accept 1-2 months rather than the 1-2 hours that you guys achieve! THANK YOU.

New Block Management client

Block Management

I am always very impressed by your efficiency


It has been quite a road to navigate and am glad that we are now at the end! Many thanks for all your hard work. You're a star!


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