London Halloween Rules!

Halloween has always been an American holiday celebration. As with most American traditions, London has embraced this All Hallows' Evening which is usually celebrated on the 31st October.

As London’s premiere district for ex-pat American families, Kensington and Chelsea helped pioneer the traditional rituals which take place on Halloween. These include the infamous trick-or-treating, along with bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses" and carving jack-o-lanterns.

But if you want to make something British, give it rules! So to help Halloween become less of a foreign event and to keep you and your children safe, here are eight basics rules:

  • No flats – you can’t get sweets from an entryphone, and only knock on houses that place a pumpkin in the window. 
  • Avoid all celebrities’ houses
  • Never ever actually do a ‘trick’; whatever you’ve threatened. Always be cuter than you are scary.  
  • If you’re big enough to cause actual bodily harm you’re too big to be in a gang beating at people’s doors. Anyone over 12 years old probably shouldn’t be trick or treating.
  • Stay safe and respectful to your neighbours. If the house is not lit up, it’s probably a good idea to move onto the next one.
  • Ensure your children have adult supervision at all times
  • Avoid giving out or taking home-made ‘treats’
  • When you run out of ‘treats’ turn of the lights in your house and/or blow out the candle in the pumpkin

Happy Halloween!